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The shower tray of a motorhome or caravan is always subject to a lot of stress due to vehicle movement and frequent usage. Over time, it develops scuffs and abrasions, splits, chips, cracks and gouges that not only affect the shower tray’s aesthetics, but may also be an invitation for fungal contamination and may also result to water ingress to the inner and outer skin of the motorhome/caravan that could cause the vehicle’s early deterioration.

The problem with repairing a damaged shower tray is that it has always been impossible to do it without removing the entire unit out of the caravan. The process is not only time-consuming; it also entails additional expense and may even put the shower tray at risk of further damage. Fortunately, these can all change with Anderson’s revolutionary shower tray repair solution.

Anderson’s delivers the innovative repair system for damaged motorhome/caravan shower trays developed by SpeedCoat Europe called Speedliner HC. Considered as the most durable and effective polymer spray-on liner product today, Speedliner HC is the best solution you can get to bring your damaged shower tray to its original condition without the need to remove it in place. Once applied, the result is a seamless, a waterproof coating for your shower tray that is not only resistant to slips, deterioration and discolouration, but is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial so you no longer have to worry about mould and mildew.

Anderson’s reliable and effective mobile repair services are available for clients throughout Scotland and the North of Newcastle and Penrith. Give us a call today and let our experienced team handle the repair needs of your damaged shower tray without taking it out of your motorhome or caravan.